Top 10 Reasons to Attend Dreamforce 2013

Here’s my top 10 reasons why you should attend Dreamforce this year:

10: Networking…its a great place to meet like-minded people. Don’t be scared, introduce yourself! You could very well be talking to your next coworker or manager!

9: Exercise…with all the sessions and activities spread out over Moscone’s 3 buildings as well as a half a dozen or so hotels in the area, you might end up dropping a few pounds from all the walking you’ll do.

8: Knowledge…Keynote sessions, hands-on training sessions, breakout sessions…who knows what all you could learn!

7: Awesome…yes, be prepared to hear that word quite a lot. Many will describe the event as Awesome or Outstanding.

6: Get Social…That’s right, Dreamforce isn’t really just an 8 to 5 event. Social gatherings, dinners, parties and even concerts await the adventurous soul.

5: Charity…Don’t just take things away from Dreamforce, give away some of your time to help out some great causes. Look for the Salesforce Foundation volunteer events and GIVE!

4: Save some money…register fast and get a lower price. Visit for complete details, and when you register, be sure to save an extra $100 by using discount code D13MVPREF.

3: Partners…be sure to carve out time to visit the Cloud Expo. Many AppExchange partners will be there to give you live demos, great reasons why you need to extend your salesforce org outside the box, and pick up some cool swag along the way.

2: Rub elbows with the elite…the MVPs and User Group Leaders. Those people are almost overly passionate about the Salesforce ecosystem, but guess what? They are people too, and love helping others gain knowledge and overcome challenges!

And my number 1 reason to attend Dreamforce this year:

1: Community…What’s that? Its the culmination of all of the other top items rolled into one neat little package. Its that intangible benefit you get from being part of a group that is millions strong. Its that awesome feeling you get when racing between sessions with over 100,000 of your closest friendsĀ  It is Salesforce…it is Dreamforce. And its AWESOME!!!

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