Wait a sec, I’m an MVP, and you want me to what?

This past April I was named Salesforce.com MVP. I was quite thrilled with that honor, in fact I’m still not sure I fully understand how I deserved it.

Now I have been invited to San Francisco along with all the other MVPs for a day full of meetings with Salesforce.com management. I will be talking to the very people who are shaping the future of cloud computing…the movers and shakers. Wow! That’s pretty incredible. Hopefully I won’t pull a Wayne and Garth when I meet Marc Benioff.

Wayne’s World…We’re not worthy!

I’m really excited to be headed out to San Francisco at the end of August. There are three main reasons why I’m so excited.

1. I get to meet a lot of key people at salesforce.com. These are the people who decide what new functions get released and when. They are the movers and shakers of cloud computing.

2. The community… I already know many of the MVPs thanks to me being a user group leader for the past three years and having attended the past two years’ Dreamforce. But now, I’ll get to meet all the MVPs I may not have meet yet.

3. Its San Francisco…I’m from Indiana. Need I say more? OK…I will say more. Without the support of my family (who may not fully understand what I do everyday) and my manager, and the entire team of people I work with everyday, none of this would be possible.

So…off to the MVP Summit I’ll go. And then I’ll start the real countdown to the big show, Dreamforce. Its bound to be way beyond awesome this year! If you haven’t registered yet, use promo code D13MVPREF and save $100 ! See you there!

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