Memorable Quotes From Around the Salesforce Community

Here’s this weeks memory makers:

It works! It works! Oh this is awesome! I was trying to to find a way to send links for S1 dashboards via email – especially while I am creating them on demand for exec meetings or for district managers. No more explaining…just instant access! Yay! – Jennifer Wobser

Home sick, but I still have everything I need in the palm of my hand #nolaptopneeded – Launa Saunders

Well criminy bananas…sometimes “simple” is the least “simple” of all – Jen Nelson

If you’re feeling a little frisky you could spice the report up with a few custom summary formulas to show their Win Rate % and Close Rate % so you can see stuff like: ‘User A had 10 Opportunities that were supposed to close THIS month, they Won 30% (3), Lost 20% (2), and 50% (5) are still open’ – Steve Molis (SteveMo)

** San Diego User Group Milestone! ** We just had 13 new members join our group, bringing us to over 700 members! – Rhonda Ross


Memorable Quotes from the Salesforce Community

In the spirit of the Dreamforce “Tweets of the Week” blog posts, I bring you some of my favorite, recent memorable quotes from in and around the Salesforce Community.

“Can you post a mock-up of what you want? With reports and dashboards, Ansel Adams is more helpful than Earnest Hemingway” – SteveMo


“There will be no me, without SFDC” –  Adam Jeffries


“I am excited about the updated Flows coming too! Have you seen some of the examples that have been posted in the Feed here? I am astounded at every turn with the new ways that we have found to leverage Flows…so amazing!” – Jen Nelson


“SteveMo – How do I do this?” – seriously, who HASN’T asked that?


A little humor…unfortunately those of us in the “cloud” business compete against those who insist on moving “rocks” all day.” – Michael Traw



Lookout Chicago – Midwest Dreamin’ 2014 is Headed Your Way!

Perhaps by now you’ve heard of a little event being planned for July 10th at Chicago’s Navy Pier…it’s a little thing called Midwest Dreamin’ 2014. The organizers of Midwest Dreamin’ 2014 somehow managed to convince Peter Coffee to come to Chicago and take the lead as the opening Keynote speaker.

Who is Peter Coffee?


Seriously? If you have to ask that question, one might wonder how long you have been a user, developer, administrator or fan. Just in case you did just crawl out from under a rock, or recently converted from some other CRM system, I’ll fill you in. Peter Coffee is the Vice President of Strategic Research at, but to those of us in the community, we think of him as so much more than that. He’s the voice of Dreamforce, the pre-Keynote entertainment, the Master of Ceremony at the worlds largest technology conference. He is the show, before the show. He sets the stage at Dreamforce and gets the crowd all pumped up to see Marc Benioff talk about all the exciting things that is working on, and all the awesome good things the Salesforce Foundation is helping to accomplish thanks to the 1-1-1 model – One percent of your time, one percent of your profits and one percent of your products being donated to great causes in order to help make the world a better place for all of us.

Breakout Sessions
I think it’s always interesting and entertaining to listen to Peter Coffee speak, but where the rubber meets the road is what really helps businesses and nonprofits alike. That’s why people attend events like Dreamforce and Midwest Dreamin’. Breakout sessions are the skid marks of learning. They don’t get made from quick stops or from taking turns too fast. They come from the rapid acceleration of business growth, from increased innovation and new ways of taking care of customers. Midwest Dreamin’ is currently taking applications for speakers. We are looking for people with a great story of pain and challenge that was overcome through the use of We are looking for great community members to share their story of success so that others may have that “Aha!” moment…that brief moment in time when they realize that they are not alone, that they are not paving a new and different path. That moment when they discover a way to solve an issue that has been preventing them from moving forward.

Time is Money
How valuable is your time? Consider not only your salary, but the time you spend with family and friends, the time you spend helping others through volunteering or just by being a good neighbor. Attending Midwest Dreamin’ 2014, can actually save you both time and money. Sure, there’s a hard cost to attending…travel expenses and the registration fee, but the knowledge you will gain and the value of those new ideas that will start floating around in your head will certainly exceed those hard costs and help you find more time in your day by allowing you to streamline processes.

The Proof is in the Pudding
I know what you are thinking now….how can I get in on this? What do I need to do to get a piece of this action? That’s the easiest part! Visit Midwest Dreamin’ and look for the “Register Now” link. Yes…it really is that simple!

What’s that? You want to help?
Are you with a partner and wanting to help get your company’s message out to the hundreds of attendees coming to Midwest Dreamin’? We’ve got plenty of sponsorship opportunities still available. For details, visit Sponsorship Options

Oh…you like to talk in front of a crowd, do you?
We’ve got opportunities for that too! We are accepting applications to speak at Midwest Dreamin’. Submit you case study, best practice discussion or story of how you overcame a challenge to achieve success to Call for Stories