Memorable Quotes From Around the Salesforce Community

Here’s this weeks memory makers:

It works! It works! Oh this is awesome! I was trying to to find a way to send links for S1 dashboards via email – especially while I am creating them on demand for exec meetings or for district managers. No more explaining…just instant access! Yay! – Jennifer Wobser

Home sick, but I still have everything I need in the palm of my hand #nolaptopneeded – Launa Saunders

Well criminy bananas…sometimes “simple” is the least “simple” of all – Jen Nelson

If you’re feeling a little frisky you could spice the report up with a few custom summary formulas to show their Win Rate % and Close Rate % so you can see stuff like: ‘User A had 10 Opportunities that were supposed to close THIS month, they Won 30% (3), Lost 20% (2), and 50% (5) are still open’ – Steve Molis (SteveMo)

** San Diego User Group Milestone! ** We just had 13 new members join our group, bringing us to over 700 members! – Rhonda Ross



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