So How’s THAT Make You Feel?

So, how’s THAT make you feel?

Don’t you just hate hearing those words? It almost always involves hurt feelings or revenge some how. It’s very often a sign of something bad, something that really shouldn’t happen, but most likely will end up happening…like it or not.

Well at precisely 10:22AM (Central Time) on May 1, 2014, those very words, “So how’s that make you feel?” came into my mind. And it was a good thing.  But it was really more than just a good thing.  It was one of those things that keeps you grounded. It was one of those things that helps keep you motivated to do something that helps others.  It was an email, that hit my inbox at 10:22AM, and it came from Matt Brown, Advocacy Program Manager at


It’s just a word. It was the first word of that email.


And with the simple reading of that one word, I felt excited and humbled at the very same time.  It was deja vu!  It was the exact same feeling I had on April 10, 2013.  The day I was first named a Salesforce MVP.  Whoa, hold it a second.  Back that bus up!


I just got transported to a magical place!  I just got honored as a Salesforce MVP…AGAIN!

I’m still not sure I deserve it…I’m not an Answers machine, like SteveMo or Jeff May. I’m not a blogging or podcasting machine, like the ButtonClick Admin, Mike Gerholdt or the guys from Arkus, Inc. who do the CloudFocus Weekly series. I’m just a user group leader, from the cornfields of Southern Indiana who seems to enjoy connecting with other users.

To all of you in the Success Community who inspire me every day, thank you…for without you, there would be no community!

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