Notable quotes from the Salesforce Community

Here’s a few of my recent favorite quotes from the Salesforce Success Community and Twitter.

Here’s a great presentation shared by Patrick Watkins on the Raleigh User Group page on “Putting Your Browser to Work as a Salesforce Admin”…lots of great time-saving tips in here.

Here’s a “short-n-sweet” post from MVP Jen Nelson “How to Become a Consultant”. She sparked some great conversation on the community, so be sure to read through the entire thread, not just her blog post!

Here’s a great Salesforce1 Admin tip from Kelly Bentubo, If you build it, they will come! I just recently moved to an Org not using mobile (and thought they didn’t need it). I’ve been slowly recruiting team members over to mobile and now users are starting to approach me to ask about ‘that cool thing that Aaron is using’… If you can think up the use case, build it out and then demo it. Often users/management need to see it in action before you can get their buy in. Also agree on the other tips for automation & ease of use, show them how it will save them time (answer the ‘What’s in it for me?’ question)

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You Can’t Spell Dreamforce Without Six Cs

Yes, I know, there’s really only one C in Dreamforce, but I titled this post that way to make a point. Technically, to make six points, that all add up to why I attend Dreamforce every year.

1. Content – Awesome keynotes; training opportunities galore; find a solution to a nagging problem; discover how to improve your professional and/or personal life

2. Community – Networking opportunities like you’ve never experienced; reunite with long-lost colleagues; make new friends (find a new career opportunity, if you want one); the Dev Zone – hack away at that new app you’ve been thinking about and get advice from experts; the Success Community Zone – hang out with the MVPs and join a User Group so you can keep the Dreamforce feeling alive all year long!

3. Cloud Expo – The Cloud Expo includes the Salesforce Campground, which is your one-stop shop to get your hands on all the Salesforce products and solutions…interact first hand with the products and hear success stories shared by customers. The Cloud Expo also is where you can interact directly with the event sponsors to See live demos and meet face-to-face with over 350 cloud companies featuring 1,000+ solutions.

4. Cheers – Enjoy the awesome musical talents of Bruno Mars in concert, FREE with your Dreamforce Conference Pass! Also enjoy a wide variety of social gatherings to give you even more networking time with colleagues.

5. Cash – Who doesn’t like money? You can gain some ROI for your company and maybe win some cool prizes too!

6. Charity – Helping others who really need a hand always feels good! Give some of your time to help support the Salesforce Foundation’s efforts to help homeless children have sweeter dreams by packing a few bags for Project Night Night. Watch the Dreamforce schedule for details on when & where the pack out will take place.

Register today at, then get active on the Success Community to get in on the full experience.

I’ll see you at Dreamforce!