Dreamforce by the Numbers

First I did the Dreamforce Alphabet, and now it’s my Dreamforce by the Numbers.

One – Dreamforce is ONE awesome conference!

Two – There are way too many great breakout sessions to choose from but my top TWO, must attend sessions are: Michael Farrington’s Comedy of Clouds and Formula Tips & Tricks featuring Steve Molis. Fair warning though, be prepared for loud laughter, thunderous applause and the occasional “F-bomb”!

Three – 2014 will be year THREE for me hosting the Newbie Reunion Breakfast. Learn more about that here: http://goo.gl/5bwkBa

Four – Dreamforce covers FOUR days, and this will be year FOUR for me attending Dreamforce.

Five – Take FIVE minutes out of every hour at Dreamforce to introduce yourself to someone near you. Go on, Dreamforce attendees don’t bite, and you’ll never know who you might meet, and what you might learn if you don’t say “Hi, I’m Eric. Is this your first Dreamforce?” (Of course I would suggest you use your real name, and not mine!)

Six – Samanthia Achuff, Erica Kuhl, Matt Brown, Phoebe Venkat, Eanna Cunnane & Elna Miller are SIX key Salesforce.com people in the Success Community you should get to know.

Seven – The number of hours of sleep you should be targeting each night at Dreamforce is SEVEN. Your actual results may vary (widely) but try to be well rested each morning.

Eight – The number of meals you are likely to eat during Dreamforce. I know the math doesn’t work out…4 days, 3 meals a day should be 12, but this is Dreamforce. I’ll bet you’ll not have time between sessions for a real lunch or not wake up early enough for a real breakfast every day!

Nine – Nine Salesforce MVPs you should make a point to meet while at Dreamforce: 1. Sarah Deutsch – her story is inspiring; 2. Matt Bertuzzi – if you’re on Professional Edition, Matt’s your man with the answers; 3. Denise Carbone – she runs the Chicago User Group and has some serious skills; 4. Leyna Hoffer – one of the first 500 Certified Admins and runs the Twin Cities User Group; 5. Rhonda Ross – not only a Salesforce MVP, but also the San Diego User Group leader for both the Salesforce user group but also the Marketo user group; 6. Michael Farrington – not only is he a dual MVP (Salesforce.com and Force.com MVPs) but he also manages his girlfriends using the force.com platform and he’s ‘kind of a big deal’ at Dreamforce; 7. Tal Frankfurt – a four-time MVP and founder of Cloud For Good; 8.  Bill Greenhaw – he’s the guy responsible for there being less of people at Dreamforce – he founded the DF’14 Health and Weight Loss Challenge;   9.  Steve Molis – He IS the Answers KING.  Who here hasn’t had a question answered by Steve?  Come on, admit it, you owe Steve a beer, or two

Ten – The number of Starbucks locations within a mile radius of Moscone Center. (If you’ve ever attended Dreamforce before you’ll understand the importance of this!) Disclaimer – this was a guess…I did not make any measurements.

What’s your lucky Dreamforce number?  Tweet it using hash tag #DF14FavNumber 

Oh no, I Forgot the “O”!

A little while ago I published my “Dreamforce Alphabet” post. Since then, I’ve gotten some great feedback on other options I could have made for certain letters, such as B is for Bruno Mars.  One awesome reader also pointed out that I did not have the letter “O” in my alphabet.

Now I’d love to say that I did that by design, but that would be a flat out lie!  I totally overlooked the “O”.  Rather odd, if you ask me, how one might overlook an “o”.  None the less, since I missed it, the letter “O” gets a blog post all to itself.

Ode to Dreamforce

O is for OMG!  As is OMG, what  neat trick I just learned, I’m going to have to implement that as soon as I get back to work!

O is for OMG!  As in OMG, there are so many people walking between the Moscone buildings during session breaks that I feel like a salmon swimming up stream.

O is for OMG!  As in OMG, being able to walk up to a few MVPs in the Success Community Zone, ask a tough question and get a great answer on the spot is Outstanding!

O is for OMG!  As in OMG, I just ran into someone I know on the Dreamforce campus, and I didn’t even know they were attending Dreamforce this year!

O is for Orange.  As in I think I’ll have some Orange juice with my bacon at the DF14 Newbie Reunion Breakfast. #DF14Bacon  For details, check here:  http://goo.gl/N4CXM8


I hope no one Objects, or calls me Obtuse.

I hope no one says Off with his head, or makes me an Outcast.

I hope I don’t Offend anyone for Obvious reasons.

I hope to meet all you Outstanding people at Dreamforce in October.

The Dreamforce Alphabet

Here’s everything you need to know about Dreamforce from A to Z!

A is for Activity. There’s a lot of things going on at Dreamforce!

B is for Bacon. Join the DF14 Newbie “Reunion” Breakfast, and enjoy some bacon and conversation with your fellow newbies, and a few veterans too.

C is for Community and Causes. Get together with your community and do something good for someone!

D is for Discussions. Go ahead…talk to someone! You might get into a great discussion and solve a problem!

E is for Eggs. Why eggs? Because you need something to go with all that bacon.

F is for Fun. If you don’t leave Dreamforce after having some fun, do us all a favor…don’t come back next year, unless you change your attitude!

G is for #GirlyGeeks. (Sorry Guys, this one’s for Ladies only!)

H is for Howard Street…which most likely won’t look at all like a street during Dreamforce.

I is for Isaacs…Charlie Isaacs. If we are lucky we’ll see him do a handstand or cartwheel!

J is for Julie Liegel, because without her and the Dreamforce team, well, let’s not even go there!

K is for Kraines…Marissa Kraines that is….she’s another member of the awesome Dreamforce team!

L is for Learn.  As in you’ll learn a lot from all the great content found at Dreamforce.

M is Moscone. By the time Dreamforce is over you’ll know it like the back of your hand.

N is for Newbies. That’s people attending their first Dreamforce, in case you didn’t figure that one out on your own. I’ve got a few tips for Newbies here: http://goo.gl/OBOSVC

P is for People you should get to know…like the MVP’s! http://goo.gl/CPqNLS

Q is for Quick. QUICK! Someone get me a battery pack, my mobile device is dying!

R is for Rain, because if we mention it now, perhaps it will stay away from Dreamforce this year!

S is for Salesforce…need I say more?

T is for Twitter…keep an eye on #DF14, #SalesforceLive, & #Dreamforce among others to stay informed.

U is for User Groups.  Join one (or more) today!  http://goo.gl/CW3fpy

V is for Vicariously. If you can’t attend Dreamforce, you can experience at least parts of it vicariously through Twitter, the Success Community and Salesforce Live!

W is for Water. You’ll want to be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

X is for Excellent. Yeah, I know, that’s not quite an “X”, but it’s the best I could do. Dreamforce is an Excellent place to meet Excellent people, learn Excellent things about an Excellent ecosystem!

Y is for You. Because without You, Dreamforce just won’t be the same.

Z is for Zipper. Why?  Honestly, I’m at a loss for how to relate the letter Z to Dreamforce other than the zipper on your Dreamforce backpack!