CRM Market – This is Going to Shake Things Up!

There’s a new platform in town and it’s about to shake up how Salesforce projects get done!

From the mind of Tal Frankfurt, CEO and founder of Cloud for Good, comes CRM Market, a new community marketplace designed to connect Salesforce consultants with Salesforce projects, with the goal of building and delivering quality at an affordable rate.  But wait…there’s more to this platform than just connecting projects and consultants.  WAY MORE!

CRM Market goes way beyond simply being a bulletin board for Salesforce projects. CRM Market automatically verifies Salesforce certifications of listed consultants so you don’t have to worry that your project will be done right. CRM Market is for any size project from a few hours of training, to a series of complex reports and dashboards, all the way up to a full blown implementation and conversion of data from a legacy system.

CRM Market is easy to register for, as a consultant and as a company needing help with a project. On the company side, CRM Market offers tips on how to write a great project description so there are no surprises later. Tips like be sure to define the nature of your project, what milestones need to be accomplished and what your expected timeline is. CRM Market even reviews your project definition and milestones to make help you write a clear and concise project. While on the consultant side, CRM Market gives visibility to Salesforce certifications automatically, allows the consultant to include a short biography and description of experience.  As CRM Market gains traction and use, consultants will be able to review companies, and companies will be able to review consultants, all out in the open so that those looking for their next job or consultant will have complete visibility to previous efforts.

Once a project has been submitted by a company, consultants can bid on the project. Here’s where it gets interesting. There’s a communications channel that the consultants can use to ask questions of the companies prior to placing a bid on a project. CRM Market monitors all communications to make sure that no one is trying to skirt the process and award a project outside the platform.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep everything within CRM Market. That’s really where the power of this marketplace comes from.

CRM Market aims to help collaboration between companies and consultants by facilitating the discovery of talent and needs. Every connection that is made in CRM Market, helps companies grow and succeed, while helping drive a consultant’s career forward by allowing everyone to focus on their mission and not technology.

CRM Market – Connect. Build. Deliver.

CRM Market – democratizing the way Salesforce projects get done.

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