What is OneCPQ and Why do You Need It

One thing most people in the tech world probably understand is that CPQ is short for Configure, Price, Quote. One thing that many people may not fully understand is what that means. One thing a CPQ application enables for its users is the ability to customize product offerings to their customers. One more thing a CPQ application does is price out those offerings and create a quote document that sellers can share with buyers. This one thing is the heart of any business – selling products and services to those with a need. And yet the one thing I’ve heard many times is that CPQ applications are complex, cumbersome to implement and difficult to maintain.

Meet OneCPQ

Finally a CPQ that is easy to configure and easy to use. OneCPQ works with any product configuration or business model, from the simple and straightforward, to the very complex. OneCPQ is designed to handle bulk pricing, volume discounting and tiered pricing. If your particular use case needs even more, OneCPQ enables your sellers to focus on selling, enabling you to create custom matrix price lists, that can be applied to any or all of your customers, or just that one special customer. And with OneCPQ’s seamless quoting, you never have to leave the app to close deals. Create your quotes and proposals from drag & drop templates that you can email from inside the app!

Why You Need OneCPQ

Do you sell a product? Are your products sold on a one-and-done basis or a monthly (or annual) subscription basis? Do you sell a service? Do you need to sell to multiple locations across the world? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, OneCPQ can enable your sellers to serve your customers better by providing a collaborative approach to configurations and pricing from inside the app. 

Would being able to visualize your product as you configure it help sell it? Yes – that’s a rhetorical question. But for the sake of argument, imagine you are trying to order the vehicle of your dreams, online from the manufacturers’ website. You would want to see what the vehicle would look like as you choose the exterior color, interior color, fabric type and trim, to make sure you will enjoy the vehicle for many years.Slick, right?

Would you like to increase your bottom line, and keep your margins where you want them? Yes – that’s another rhetorical question! OneCPQ makes that possible through a compare, price and reconcile feature. And with integrated selling guidance, your sales reps receive timely and situationally relevant suggestions for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Not to mention notifications and pricing updates can be pushed out to reps in minutes, rather than left to unopened emails. 

From streamlining and safeguarding the overall sales process, to providing insightful management metrics all while producing professional looking quotes, it’s no wonder OneCPQ really is becoming the One to use.

Visit https://www.onecpq.com/ for more details.


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