How Clean is Your Data?

Every time I hear someone talk about data quality, I’m reminded of something I learned many years ago. Data is the life-blood of most any organization. It’s the new Gold, the new hot commodity. Every organization wants access to more and more data about their customers. Why? Because having good data is what drives business forward, what helps organizations better engage with their clients and constituents. There’s one big problem, though – the data you report out is only as good as the data you take in.  

Did you miss the recent webinar I participated in called Data Quality: Top 5 Ways to Prevent Garbage in, Garbage out – that took place on Thursday, August 11th? I discussed this very problem with Sviat Lobach, Vice President of Product at Revenue Grid. Some of the things we talked about included:

  • The impact bad data has on organizations – not just poor decision-making, but also the dollar impact on a company’s bottom line.
  • Why most approaches to data management don’t properly address this issue.
  • How automation can improve CRM data quality.
  • The best ways to have clean and complete data in your CRM.

Want to learn more? Check out the recording!