The MVP Summit is over…so, now what’s next?

The first ever MVP Summit has come to a close and several of the MVPs have posted blogs with their recaps. They all have different views and emphasis, but there was one common theme being written about. I know most of you are now expecting me to invoke Safe Harbor or Non-Disclosure Agreements here and tell you that I can’t give you anymore details about the discussions at the Summit, so I won’t. There’s no need to keep confidential how the MVPs feel, where their passions lie, or what they expect for the future. That was the common theme between all the posts…passion and future expectations.

This post is all about next steps. Where do we go from here. Before I move forward, however, I would like to take a brief step backwards. Imagine it is 1984. Does society look like George Orwell predicted in his book, “1984”? Fortunately, today’s society isn’t even close to being overwhelmed by totalitarianism. Think about this, though, back in 1984 how many people had a computer in their home? How many people had a telephone that they could carry with them everywhere and actually be able to make a call with it? In 1985, the United States had 340,213 cell phone subscribers, and at the end of 2012, the number of wireless subscription connections in the United States alone was up to 324.4 million! (Data source: CTIA – The Wireless Association). A lot of technology has changed in the past 30 years, and the pace of that change has been increasing exponentially in the more recent years.

Automobiles are safer and more fuel efficient. Houses are built to withstand harsh extremes in weather while keeping the occupants at their chosen comfortable temperature and conserving natural resources as well. You can cook a meal much faster than before, and you can conduct business from anywhere.

Consider your smartphone, not only can you make a telephone call to anyone in the world, while walking down the sidewalk in your neighborhood, but you can also watch a video, throw some angry birds across the sky, play a word game with people you don’t even know for halfway around the world, and run a successful business. Yes, you read that correctly. You can access everything you need to run a business, right from the palm of your hand. No software required. Login to a secure website, access the apps you need from contract proposals and quote-to-cash, from customer relationship management to customer service, from marketing automation to financial accounting.

The possibilities are endless.

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Welcome to the new you…it’s you, transformed.