5 Things You Might Not Know About SharinPix

Now I know what you’re thinking…photos in my CRM? That’s crazy talk. First off, why would I need photos in CRM? And second, won’t that eat up all my storage space?

Yeah, I thought both those things at first too. Then I discovered SharinPix. 

SharinPix not only makes it easy to bring the power of images to Salesforce, you can do it without writing a line of code, offering it to your customers, field service workers, agents, marketing team, community or any other Salesforce user.

Here’s five things you might not know about SharinPix.

  • Vision: Let’s start by examining the vision of SharinPix. According to their website, their vision is to empower users with advanced image management features, leverage the capabilities of Salesforce with integrated image usage, and automate business processes that start with image content. Breaking that down some, since the popularization of the smartphone, people have been taking pictures every day for a wide variety of reasons, including: to share on social media with family and friends, to prove or explain something or to save time on note-taking.
Young people watching a live streaming. Social media concept.
  • Unlimited Storage: SharinPix doesn’t store your photos in your Salesforce instance. Rather they are stored securely via their Album Component in a way that doesn’t count against your Salesforce limitations. This method enables SharinPix to offer all its customers unlimited storage, so you can use all the images you need to, whenever you need them. And you can do this regardless of how you use Salesforce: Classic, Lightning or Mobile.
  • Many Use Cases: SharinPix helps with retail execution. Imagine you’re a beverage supplier with hundreds of reps working sales routes in the field, and the corporate office requires these reps to submit photos of stock and special displays at every store they service and every competitor they encounter. WIth SharinPix, your field sales reps simply take photos that showcase their displays and highlight what competitors are doing. SharinPix handles the rest. Using Einstein Object Detection, the retail display images are automatically analyzed to extract the insights you need, stored in a custom object in Salesforce. Managers get near real time access to the work the reps are doing, and the reps don’t have to spend their evenings renaming and uploading files. SharinPix helps with field service, marketing, image design & validation for franchises and much more. 
  • Not Just an Image App: Since SharinPix comes in many forms, including Lightning Components, Visualforce pages and even HTML5 components, you can drag and drop SharinPix onto any Salesforce record page and start using it immediately, whether at your desk or on the go. And SharinPix can be even part of your branded experience for your community users. But wait, there’s more! Need to update a field in Salesforce when an image gets added or updated? You can do that with workflows!
  • Pricing and Plans for Everyone: No matter what your SharinPix usage is, there’s a plan for you. The Basic Plan includes unlimited storage, the desktop experience and basic image format. The Premium Plan also includes the Mobile Online Experience, which is required for the Salesforce Mobile App. The Premium Plan also includes Extended Image Format, Annotation, Tag & Search, Images as Salesforce Fields and Records & more. The Enterprise Plan also includes the Mobile Offline Experience, smart components with image features for smart implementation, Smart Document Scanning, Smart PDF Generation, Smart Google Maps with Checkpoints and Annotations, Smart PDF to Salesforce fields and more!

You can learn more and start a free 14 day trial on the Salesforce AppExchange.