Quotes from Around the Salesforce Community – Star Wars Week

I sure hope I do not have to explain the date in the title of this post…I have a feeling that many people, whether they’ve see a Star Wars movie or not, would know what that means, thanks to social media.

And now, a quick two memorable quotes of the week!

Love the “Power of One” technique for tricking reports into counting records they way you want? You might like this too… This Is MineTJ Stevens

If this doesn’t make your toes tingle, I don’t know what will: http://youtu.be/SSS0MQPwM4YMarissa Kraines

Memorable Quotes from Around the Salesforce community for the week of April 27, 2014

Here’s a few of my favorite quote spotted in and around the Salesforce community this week. Tweet yours to me or post to the Success Community using #MQOTW-SFDC and maybe you’ll get a mention in a future post!

And now my favorites for the week:

Just registered for my 4th Dreamforce, really excited. Does anybody know when is the call for papers? I would really love to speak at this years event! – Sacha Villeneuve

Matt, When you can carve out some time I would like to talk to you about restarting the Roanoke/Lynchburg User Group. – Jim Gentile (Editor’s note:  Yeah, Matt…when can you make some time for Jim?  We need more active user groups!  Jim – while you are waiting on Matt, check out this session from Dreamforce 2013: How to Make Salesforce.com User Groups a Hit!)

Kidding, You guys know we don’t give hints! – Julie Liegl (Editor’s note: Julie is the Dreamforce Chair, and this was in response to SEVERAL people trying to find out who the band will be at this year’s Gala.)

I just saw that we have MORE Veterans that are certified admins/developers with Salesforce thanks to the#Veterans2Work program!! Please think of these Vets when you are hiring at your companies! Many of them have resumes that are impressive beyond their time in service! – Natasha Walker (Editor’s note: for more details see the Salesforce.com blog post From Service to Salesforce: Veterans Take on New Tech Skills and Veterans2Work.org)


Top 10 Reasons to Attend Dreamforce 2014

Here’s my top 10 reasons why you should attend Dreamforce updated for 2014:

10: Networking…its a fabulous place to meet like-minded people. Don’t be scared, introduce yourself! You could very well be talking to your next coworker or manager, or even discover a solution to a challenge you have been facing!

9: Exercise…with all the sessions and activities spread out over Moscone’s 3 buildings as well as a half a dozen or so hotels in the area, you might end up dropping a few pounds from all the walking you’ll do. (Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!)

8: Knowledge…Keynote sessions, hands-on training sessions, breakout sessions…who knows what all you could learn! Even without knowing who the keynote or breakout session speakers are, or who the special guests during Marc Benioff’s keynote will be, I’m 100% certain I will learn a lot!

7: Awesome…yes, be prepared to hear that word quite a lot. Many will describe the event as Awesome or Outstanding.

6: Get Social…That’s right, Dreamforce isn’t really just an 8 to 5 event. Social gatherings, dinners, parties and even concerts await the adventurous soul. In fact, you can keep the Dreamforce feeling alive all year by joining your local user group…find them here!

5: Charity…Don’t just take things away from Dreamforce, give things away!  Give back some of your time to help out  great causes. Look for the Salesforce Foundation volunteer events and GIVE!

4: Save some money…register fast and get a lower price, and very likely a better choice of closer and/or more affordable accommodations. To register, visit the Dreamforce tab on the Success Community! Register Here!

3: Partners…be sure to carve out time to visit the Cloud Expos. Many AppExchange partners will be there to give you live demos, great reasons why you need to extend your salesforce org outside the box, and pick up some cool swag along the way. You can also connect with Salesforce experts, interact firsthand with Salesforce products, and hear success stories shared by customers at the Salesforce Campground.

2: Rub elbows with the elite…the MVPs and User Group Leaders. Those people are almost overly passionate about the Salesforce ecosystem, but guess what? They are people too, and love helping others gain knowledge and overcome challenges!

And my number 1 reason to attend Dreamforce this year:

1: Community…What’s that? It’s the culmination of all of the other top items rolled into one neat little package. It’s that intangible benefit you get from being part of a group that is well over one million strong. It’s that awesome feeling you get when racing between sessions with over 100,000 of your closest friends  It is Salesforce…it is Dreamforce. And its AWESOME!!!

So How’s THAT Make You Feel?

So, how’s THAT make you feel?

Don’t you just hate hearing those words? It almost always involves hurt feelings or revenge some how. It’s very often a sign of something bad, something that really shouldn’t happen, but most likely will end up happening…like it or not.

Well at precisely 10:22AM (Central Time) on May 1, 2014, those very words, “So how’s that make you feel?” came into my mind. And it was a good thing.  But it was really more than just a good thing.  It was one of those things that keeps you grounded. It was one of those things that helps keep you motivated to do something that helps others.  It was an email, that hit my inbox at 10:22AM, and it came from Matt Brown, Advocacy Program Manager at Salesforce.com.


It’s just a word. It was the first word of that email.


And with the simple reading of that one word, I felt excited and humbled at the very same time.  It was deja vu!  It was the exact same feeling I had on April 10, 2013.  The day I was first named a Salesforce MVP.  Whoa, hold it a second.  Back that bus up!


I just got transported to a magical place!  I just got honored as a Salesforce MVP…AGAIN!

I’m still not sure I deserve it…I’m not an Answers machine, like SteveMo or Jeff May. I’m not a blogging or podcasting machine, like the ButtonClick Admin, Mike Gerholdt or the guys from Arkus, Inc. who do the CloudFocus Weekly series. I’m just a user group leader, from the cornfields of Southern Indiana who seems to enjoy connecting with other Salesforce.com users.

To all of you in the Success Community who inspire me every day, thank you…for without you, there would be no community!