Memorable Quotes from Around the Salesforce community for the week of April 27, 2014

Here’s a few of my favorite quote spotted in and around the Salesforce community this week. Tweet yours to me or post to the Success Community using #MQOTW-SFDC and maybe you’ll get a mention in a future post!

And now my favorites for the week:

Just registered for my 4th Dreamforce, really excited. Does anybody know when is the call for papers? I would really love to speak at this years event! – Sacha Villeneuve

Matt, When you can carve out some time I would like to talk to you about restarting the Roanoke/Lynchburg User Group. – Jim Gentile (Editor’s note:  Yeah, Matt…when can you make some time for Jim?  We need more active user groups!  Jim – while you are waiting on Matt, check out this session from Dreamforce 2013: How to Make User Groups a Hit!)

Kidding, You guys know we don’t give hints! – Julie Liegl (Editor’s note: Julie is the Dreamforce Chair, and this was in response to SEVERAL people trying to find out who the band will be at this year’s Gala.)

I just saw that we have MORE Veterans that are certified admins/developers with Salesforce thanks to the#Veterans2Work program!! Please think of these Vets when you are hiring at your companies! Many of them have resumes that are impressive beyond their time in service! – Natasha Walker (Editor’s note: for more details see the blog post From Service to Salesforce: Veterans Take on New Tech Skills and


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