Oh no, I Forgot the “O”!

A little while ago I published my “Dreamforce Alphabet” post. Since then, I’ve gotten some great feedback on other options I could have made for certain letters, such as B is for Bruno Mars.  One awesome reader also pointed out that I did not have the letter “O” in my alphabet.

Now I’d love to say that I did that by design, but that would be a flat out lie!  I totally overlooked the “O”.  Rather odd, if you ask me, how one might overlook an “o”.  None the less, since I missed it, the letter “O” gets a blog post all to itself.

Ode to Dreamforce

O is for OMG!  As is OMG, what  neat trick I just learned, I’m going to have to implement that as soon as I get back to work!

O is for OMG!  As in OMG, there are so many people walking between the Moscone buildings during session breaks that I feel like a salmon swimming up stream.

O is for OMG!  As in OMG, being able to walk up to a few MVPs in the Success Community Zone, ask a tough question and get a great answer on the spot is Outstanding!

O is for OMG!  As in OMG, I just ran into someone I know on the Dreamforce campus, and I didn’t even know they were attending Dreamforce this year!

O is for Orange.  As in I think I’ll have some Orange juice with my bacon at the DF14 Newbie Reunion Breakfast. #DF14Bacon  For details, check here:  http://goo.gl/N4CXM8


I hope no one Objects, or calls me Obtuse.

I hope no one says Off with his head, or makes me an Outcast.

I hope I don’t Offend anyone for Obvious reasons.

I hope to meet all you Outstanding people at Dreamforce in October.

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