5 Things You Might Not Know About Salesforce ISV Partner Vision-e

Special guest post from Abbi Webb, Marketing Manager, Vision-e.


Never heard of us? Well, here are 5 things you should know to get acquainted. (EFD – I had never heard of Vision-e…until I got an email from Abbi.)

One. Our company was founded to be and do everything Salesforce-related for Xerox. We created Salesforce solutions for Xerox agencies designed to improve employee quality of life by becoming more efficient and making more sales. Our solutions proved to be highly effective and successful for Xerox, which led us to a big idea. What if we started offering solutions to businesses of all sizes using Salesforce looking to boost productivity, increase sales, and create more opportunities to win for their business and their employees? And so we did… (EFD – I’ve certainly heard of Xerox…and I’m sure all of my readers know that name. I remember when I was a child hearing teachers say they needed to Xerox the test so everyone in the class could have a copy. At first I thought Xerox was a fancy way of saying copy. I suppose, in a way, I was right!)

Two. Today, we are in the top 25 most popular apps on the AppExchange with the no.1 scanning solution, Scan. Scan is a top-of-the-line business card scanning solution that gets data in Salesforce to be actionable with just the tap of a button. Scan is all about getting data into Salesforce in the most efficient and accurate way possible. With AI technology, our solution also uses voice to text translation to turn voice recordings into new tasks created in Salesforce; all that in addition to QR & Barcode Scanning. You can learn more about it here. (EFD – Check out the Apps by Vision-e on the AppExchange.)

Three. As a Salesforce Silver ISV Partner, we have developed several solutions and have over 300 clients around the world. The crazy part? We have less than 20 employees! We’re a small team, but a lean one. While we are growing significantly in 2017, our size allows us to be personal with our clients in getting them off to a fast and easy start using our solution, maintaining that relationship, and providing Salesforce expertise all the way through. (EFD – Great customer service with a personal touch…that’s the key to success!)

Four. For all of the ericforcefield readers, we are mostly bacon fans (minus the two vegetarians in the office). We are a close-knit group that takes the job very seriously. While we bear titles: Software Engineer, Sales Support, Account Executive, etc., what each of our jobs mean to us is that we get to empower other businesses by bringing sales into focus with automation and technology. And that is a powerful thing. (EFD – Let’s hear it for BACON! But in the spirit of equality for all, I do enjoy some vegetables now and then…I don’t think I could survive without my bacon, or other meats, though.)

Five. Something we love more than creating innovative Salesforce solutions is giving back. At Vision-e, we believe in supporting our local community by providing assistance through donations and charitable events. In the recent holiday season, our team started a fund to raise money and donations for a local family in need. Having met our goal, we were able to provide this family with an exceptional holiday experience full of joy and cheer! Check out our blog post about it here. We hope that this will inspire you to do something similar in your community! (EFD – Helping others is what it’s all about. Marc Benioff started the 1-1-1 model when he first launched Salesforce, and many companies have adopted Pledge 1 Percent as a way of doing business. Helping others isn’t just limited to companies. People all around the world are just a generous with time and talents. Check out the post I wrote for Apttus: Giving Back is Where It’s At, and then take the next step and start helping others too!)

EFD – Thanks, Abbi, for bringing the value of Vision-e to my attention and allowing me to share it with others.

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